My passion for gemstones , metals and natural materials came to life while studying  Anthropology in college. From many trips to museums and hours spent studying  ancient cultures, my interest in the creation of jewelry grew.
In spite of my background, or maybe because of it, I continued my education by taking metalsmithing courses in basic design and construction. I tried my hand working for several fine jewelers. Working everyday in design, repair, remounting , pearl stringing ; as well as sales and customer service. I loved the experience it gave me. Everyday was something new and the variety of jewelry I was exposed to was limitless.
As my family grew, I decided to launch my own line from home . Doing many juried art and craft festivals; and selling to a few select boutiques. Finally in 2009 Nancy Jane's Jewelry was launched. I am lucky enough to engage my creativity on a daily basis,  craft something with my own hands and  market it in a way that reflects my personality. I continue to challenge myself by taking several new courses every year and continually incorporate new ideas into my line.
I'm not sure who to credit for this quote, but love the idea it expresses.
"Jewelry  is our personal link between earth and culture, metal and history, nature and art. It takes our form, it holds our marks, it truly interacts with our rhythms and cadences.
In every era, in every land, in every culture, jewelry touched people. It still does."
Nancy Jane's is a brand of Artisan Jewelry
that combines contemporary metalsmithing with a love of organic and fine gemstones.

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